Bengal Cats Are Not Hybrids.

Yes. At one time Bengal cats were considered hybrids. Breeding down from the Asian Leopard Cat the first few generations of Bengal were and are hybrids. They are filials. Foundation breeders. Then some dumb ass breeders along the way refused to put the time and effort into the socialization of their foundation Bengals and sold them without much concern for the future.

The F1, F2, and F3 generations were taboo by rumor. They were often labeled as feral or too much wild blood to own as a pet. Horseshit. I’ve owned F1’s and F2’s. They were some of my sweetest Bengals ever. Enigma was the most loving, maternal F2 I could have ever hoped for. She produced stunning off-spring. But that’s another story.

We are dealing with the fallout twenty years after the fact. States such as Georgia, Florida, and even my home state of Delaware. Wow. Idiots. True ignorant idiots. It’s almost as bad as one law our old Governor passed on paintball because kids were playing that sport in the woods near her home. It’s just ignorant and selfish.

So what is a Bengal if it’s not illegal?

A Bengal is a brown short-haired tabby. That’s it. That’s all a Bengal is. The bloodlines are so far removed from the ALC that it’s right up there with Elizabeth Warren being .000002 percent Indian. Bengals are a d0mestic cat with spots. That’s it. Unfortunately, the world around us is full of people without any common sense.  From fools who don’t socialize their cats before selling them, to legislators who know dick about genealogy.

I’m sorry but if you buy a Bengal from me, it’s in name only. They are brown short-haired tabby cats. Loving, sweet and truly beautiful to look at.

In Conclusion

Taking your cat to the vet in a state that has designated this breed illegal?  Tell your vet what you own. A brown short-haired tabby. Problem solved. It’s not a lie. It’s a fact.



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